Jeongyeon Takes Leave From Twice

Jeongyeon Takes Leave From Twice

Jeongyeon Takes Leave From Twice. Several days ago, JYP Entertainment revealed that TWICE member Jeongyeon will take an indefinite leave from the group’s activities because of psychological anxiety and panic attacks. This announcement marks a departure from what had been a fairly consistent schedule for the 24-year-old singer.

The group was formed in 2015 by JYP Entertainment and has since achieved unprecedented success in Japan, where they have sold more than ten million albums. Twice has also become one of the most popular female K-pop groups in South Korea, where they regularly rank at the top of the charts. They also achieved great success in the US, where they charted into the US Billboard 200 for the first time with their album Eyes Wide Open in 2020.

TWICE was born out of a reality competition show called Sixteen, which pitted aspiring idols against each other in a series of challenges, testing their charisma and abilities. The group gained its international following when they became the first Korean girl group to tour Japan in a dome.

In recent years, Jeongyeon has made mental health a priority. She has been open about her own struggles with anxiety and depression, and has spoken out in support of others who have had similar issues. This is a very important conversation in much of Asia, where mental health is still taboo and depression is often a sign of weakness.

Although Jeongyeon has recently been in the public spotlight again, she has not performed with the group onstage since August of last year. After announcing her leave, TWICE members announced that they would continue the tour without their vocalist. However, it is understood that Jeongyeon will take some time off to rest and recuperate from her health problems. This is the second time that Jeongyeon has taken a break from the group’s activities. In October of last year, she took a three-month leave for health reasons.

Jeongyeon is not the only member of Twice who has taken a mental health break. The group’s other members have also taken time off, including Taiwanese dancer Tzuyu and Japanese dancer Momo.
Tzuyu was chosen as a member of Twice after viewers on the reality show Sixteen expressed their interest in her. She has been praised for her impressive vocal ability and appearance. She first joined Twice as a sixteen-year-old when the group debuted. When she was 18, she had already grown into a very poised and confident performer. During her time in Twice, she also sparked controversy with her performance of the Taiwan flag on a Korean television show. This incited outrage among those who advocate for Taiwan’s autonomy.

Momo has been a member of Twice since the group’s debut, and is considered one of the best dancers in the group. She has appeared in many Twice music videos and is often referred to as the group’s best dancer. She was eliminated from Twice’s lineup on Sixteen, but has been returned to the group in recent years.

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TWICE  is a Kpop girl group, consisting of members Lim Na Yeon, Yoo JungYeon, Momo, Sana, Park Ji Hyo, Mina, Kim DaHyun, Son Chae Youn, and Tzuyu.